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7 Energizing, Everyday Yoga Poses

Sometimes we don’t quite know how to weave a yoga practice into our everyday lives. There is so much abundance out there. How do we settle on something that not only works for us, but may also be sustained? My advice: Start small; grow later.

The following are yoga poses and exercises that just about anyone can tackle. They are the perfect everyday poses to enjoy first thing in the morning as they awaken energy in the body and mind. So, when that alarm sounds, slither out of bed, use the washroom, splash some water on your face; and then, hit the mat.


Enjoy some free online yoga videos demoing these highly accessible, enlivening yoga poses.


Ego Eradicator: In yoga, every piece of the hand is thought to connect to a particular location of the body or brain. The thumb is thought to represent the ego or personal psyche. This exercise, then, transforms your psyche and puts your ego in check. Coupled with Breath of Fire pranayama, it is incredibly invigorating


Spinal Flexes: Spinal flexes warm and prepare the body for what’s next. They loosen the vertebrae of the lower and upper spine, while also, rousing the energy seated in the spine. Spinal flexes also promote digestion.


Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend: Loosen up the hips, lower spine, and thigh muscles. If practiced regularly, you will realize increased flexibility.


Cat/Cow Exercises: Loosen up the spine even more and promote circulation of spinal fluid.


Cobra: Enhance flexibility, restore the spinal nerves, and circulate blood throughout the spine and organs. This pose stimulates the pranic flow to the lungs, digestive, and reproductive organs, while relaxing the lower spine. It also arouses the kundalini energy in the body.


Bridge: Boost your energy and activate the first and second chakra energies.


Camel: This pose brings impressive flexibly to the spine and, also, is thought to relieve the stomach from the less-than-desirable symptoms of excessive eating. So, if you ate a gigantic burger last night paired with duck fat french fries and a milkshake, this pose could be your savior. Further, it is thought to give control over hunger and thirst, so tonight, you won’t be tempted by a similarly delicious meal. Further, camel increases both physical and mental well-being.


Practice each pose or exercise for 1 to 2 minutes. Between poses, feel free to take a calming, comforting Child’s Pose; however, post backbending, let your spine rest in a neutral position. Listen to your body’s cravings.


Also, of supreme importance: Do not forget to end with a sweet Savasana to marinate in the effects of your yoga at home practice. Soak up all the goodness you have done for yourself and your day!


If so inclined, I would also recommend incorporating a short 3 or 11-minute meditation in right before you settle into your final rest, Savasana. Meditation will allow you to go deeper within and spend some intimate time with yourself. It will invite a beautiful calm into your spirit.


See…that wasn’t so hard! Just 7 poses, a final rest, and a bit of meditation if you please – all of which could be done in less than 30 minutes.


Plus, these poses and exercises will inspire energy and enhance calm, which will greatly benefit you as you carry on with the responsibilities of your day.

Start small with your yoga at home practice. Acquire discipline. Then, tack on more.


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