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Why You Should Date A Yogi?

One of the first posts I read on the “Why You Should Date…” trend was “Date a Girl Who Reads,” and it was a lovely article outlining how books and reading enrich the mind and personality.
So then I started thinking of the other habits and practices that I’m passionate about, and it’s surprising that there are only a few articles that talk about how yoga makes people more “date-able.” So here are a couple reasons why and how you can be happy dating a yogi.
Yogis are flexible.
… And no, not just flexible in the sense that makes for fun times in the sack (although that’s a big plus for many, we have to admit). Yogis are flexible not only physically, but also mentally, because they tend to be an open-minded bunch. While it’s true that some yogis have dietary restrictions, this doesn’t mean you have to be choosy about where you take them out on dates.
Just a word of caution: sometimes flexible translates to “flaky” for other people, because yogis are on a quest for self-improvement and self-realization, and thus they try to keep evolving in positive ways. If you want someone who is at least 90% predictable in their thoughts and actions, maybe you’re better off dating a brick wall than a flexible yogi.
Yogis are calm and peaceful.
I’m not saying that yogis are incapable of having their stressed out, panicky, major-freak-out moments. However, I’ve noticed that yogis’ sense of self-awareness and knowledge of meditation techniques really help them keep their calm even in stressful situations. Some yogis are even so in touch with their core that they can meditate even in the midst of city noise. The principle of ahimsa (non-violence) combined with the sense of connectedness with the people and things around them also mean that yogis are peaceful and will have fewer tendencies to create unnecessary drama in both their lives and yours.
Yogis encourage healthy lifestyle habits.
Sometimes we need that extra nudge to finally get around to doing what we said we would. Whether it’s starting a healthy habit or kicking a bad one, being with someone who gives positive encouragement will help you get on your way to healthy living. Everyone desires a long and healthy life, it’s just that some of us need to be reminded and encouraged to make lifestyle decisions that advance that goal – whether it’s something as trivial as skipping the double bacon cheeseburger for a healthier option, or a decision as important as making changes in your work schedule so you can attain work-life balance.
Yogis aren’t easily impressed by the superficial.
Yogis, especially those who live out yogic principles on and off the mat, aren’t impressed solely by your looks or body measurements, or how much money you have in the bank. They don’t judge you by your failures and mistakes, or how many times you’ve fallen down, but they will be impressed by how you managed to get back up and start again. What can impress them is your dedication to your practice, how you live, how you treat other people, and how you don’t lose sight of what’s really important in life.

Source: Mindbodygreen

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