I consent to receive email updates from Travel Away. The home state of Sin City will always be considered sexy, with a solid ranking of the 13th sexiest state in America. Luckily, there’s 50 states to choose from, from frigid Alaska to sunny Florida. You might recognise: John Mayor, George W. Bush. 39. Washington Sooo, if you were me, which cities would you go to? 17. And there is no place like Jackson Hole, even though it is over toured. Average Leisure Time Spent per Day: Double Weight (~6.67 Points) Separation & Divorce Rate: Full Weight (~3.33 Points) Safety: Full Weight (~3.33 Points) 8.Vermont I just want to say that USA is most beautiful country in world. Hawaii We say surprisingly, but it did produce the magical Viola Davis. Between the heights of the splendid Rocky Mountains and the deep canyons engraved by the Colorado River lies a world of its own that begs to be explored. And then there’s urban Montana – with vibrant, artsy Missoula and architecturally inspiring Helena, or Big Sky Resort in the Rocky Mountains, which prides itself with the largest skiable area in America. Sign up for the newsletter and get notified each time we publish a new post. You might recognise: John F. Kennedy, Uma Thurman. 8. Believe me Table Mountain is just a flat boulder and I couldn’t wait to leave the place. Many people I know, who are from other mountain states and have been to PA, say it’s the most beautiful state they’ve been to. Who paid off the people doing this article. The Hudson Highlands area is particularly scenic. That’s how ugly Ohio is. Great list though. A New Study Just Ranked All 50 States in Order of Happiness, and 37 of Them Are Real Surprises Hawaii was the top-ranked, happiest state. 4.Maine Also we have amazing southern hostility. If you want to see a lion go visit a theme park and save yourself the air fare! Rocky coastline farther up north on the Olympic peninsula. Vermont? Maybe it’s the irresistible accent, maybe it’s the sexy prestige of Harvard University. Washington is top three easily. New Mexico Colorado In 2020, women in some parts of America still get the short end of the stick — even as they outnumber men in most states. If you enjoyed this post, chances are you’ll also like my article about the most beautiful countries in Europe. 01. Best States for Healthcare 2020: Methodology. It indicates the ability to send an email. This bugged me. I live in Florida and no way would I include this state. I have been to some of the eastern states and they are very beautiful in their own right but for me without peaks, the pacific coast, or desert landscapes they can’t compare. You might recognise: Taylor Swift, Tina Fey, For many, Texas is the sexiest state but it didn’t top the poll this time. 3. California (Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes) Stretching for 33,904 miles, its coast – a dramatic mix of jagged sea cliffs, tidewater glaciers, and barren, windswept islands – is longer than all other states’ shorelines combined, while its harsh, sparsely populated interior is awash in wilderness, solitude, and fairylike Northern Lights. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Colorado Rank. Cowboy. VERMONT Alternatively, Traverse City and Ann Arbor offer up a taste of small-town America, while Holland and Frankenmuth (aka Michigan’s Little Bavaria) look like they’re straight out of Europe. 19. The smallest state in the country, our readers didn’t rate their physical beauty much – do many people know that Pauly D has Rhode Island roots?! 3. 12.Tennesse I cant believe someone approved this garbage. CALIFORNIA, Hey, I came across your list and the overview you depicted is just great. I agree with your top three. 2. Clearly not. Seattle’s hipster too-cool-for-school surely helped Washington state to jump almost into the Top 10. Famous for its honky-tonks and dance halls, Tennessee is a lively state that’s home to a lot more than just music and blues. Delaware, LOL, that’s crazy. Thanks for your suggestions, Nick! Burlington, VT on the banks of Lake Champlain is a spot of unrivaled majesty and beauty (in my opinion). California Now that’s peachy. Idaho 3. as to how it makes us feel. I’d put the Cowboy state near the top of the list and certainly ahead of Utah, Arizona and Michigan. To rank CNBC's 2019 America's Top States for Business, we put all 50 states through a rigorous test and graded them based on more than 60 measures of competitiveness in … Park? I love Ohio; it has quaint towns and rolling hills. However, I must profess it disappoints me a little that Vermont failed to make the cut. To make the top of the list, a place had to have good value, be a desirable place to … The 7 measures that make up the Adult Ranking include: Adults with Any Mental Illness (AMI) She did not place the states on the list based upon what kinda people were living or visiting there get yours heads out the gutter just the simplicity and beauty of the state, IF YOU DONT LIKE CERTAIN THINGS ABOUT THE STATE DONT GO THERE but wherever you are enjoy and appreciate what God has given us to admire and preserve. These are my list. For most, Colorado brings to mind images of snow-capped peaks and epic skiing, but there are also glistening lakes, spectacular mountain drives, and towering sand dunes. 02. Oregon 10. The impressive score of Colorado people’s sexiness proves that the state is making waves in more ways than one. My top 10 would be Washington, California, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon. I really hope you guys will have an excellent time in Montana! Hawaii, the 50th of the United States of America, stands out due to its distinct culture, exceptional flora and fauna, and mind-blowing scenery encompassing everything from steaming, flowing volcanos to deep emerald valleys to paradisiacal multi-colored beaches. While Oklahoma-born Brad Pitt is considered super sexy by many fans, Oklahomians scored poorly overall. State. New York State. You might recognise: Octavia Spencer, Channing Tatum, Maine might be a beautiful state, but it turns out that not a lot of people hold the birth place of Patrick Dempsey aka “McDreamy” in high regard…, You might recognise: Stephen King, Anna Kendrick. As you can see I am partial to the mountains of the northwest and the woods of the northeast. 6:Michigan 2:Washington 12th. You might recognise: Josh Duhamal, Wiz Khalifa. Iowa When people think of North Dakota, they don’t necessarily consider it a hotspot teeming with beautiful talent. All this and more makes Hawaii much more than just a place with amazing beaches, but the most beautiful state in the U.S.! 6.Idaho There is literally no reason why Oregon should ever be in front of Washington. Also, Pu’uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park abounds in ancient cultural sites, Hanauma Bay prides itself with some of the best snorkeling in the world, and Kauai’s Waimea Canyon is a true geological wonder. Those of us that live in the west and know Wyoming well would rank it near the bottom (after Nevada and New Mexico) of all western states. Almost, but not quite. Quality of Public Hospital System: Full Weight (~1.28 Points) Rainier, the most prominant mountain in the US and probably the most beautiful, along with St. Helens and Baker and Adams, baren desert where it’s 100 degrees everyday in the summer and a frozen tundra in the winter, too many islands to count, the San Jauns are especially beautiful, you feel like you’re in Greece when you’re there, the Palouse with rolling hills of farmland for as far as you can see. 14.Colorado Yellowstone and the Tetons in Wyoming are just stunning, but there are several other areas in that state that are beautiful, too. Ohio 9. While beauty may be only skin deep, it’s probably little consolation to the unlucky states that have been voted as the least sexy. 13.Pennsyvania -The Hudson Valley region just north of NYC is known as America’s Rhine for its scenic beauty and collection of grand estates (Rockefeller’s Kykuit is a standout) along the river. 2. To determine our rankings, we compared each state’s average K–12 teaching salary (pulled from the National Education Center’s 2018–2019 school year data) to its average salary for full-time, year-round employees (found in the US Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey).. While the eastern 1/4 of the state that encompasses Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and the Grand Teton area is beautiful and in the top 10 most naturally beautiful places, the rest of the state is not pretty at all and more closely resembles the flat and barren Midwestern states. Maryland 6. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union visit Nebraska and think it’s sexy. My home base is in northeast Georgia in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I have to give a shout-out for my state. However, each of them deserves a post of its own, so stay in touch:). 11.Wyoming Virginia or maybe New Hampshire or North Carolina needs to be on there! Everyone knows about Yellowstone, and there are so many other things. Californian beach vibes, San Fran Silicon Valley startups and Hollywood all appeal when it comes to perceiving the sexiness of people born and bred here. And so are the jaw-dropping rock formations of Smith Rock State Park, the dreamy Toketee Falls, or mighty Mount Hood, with its year-round snow-covered peaks and glaciers, scenic alpine lakes, and stunning wildflower trails. For instance, women represent nearly two-thirds of all minimum-wage workers in the U.S. Their political representation also suffers, as women make up 51% of the U.S. population but only 26% of the Senate and 23.2% of the House of Representatives. 1. Florida Keys Has It All, 7 of Airbnb’s Best Tiny Houses in America, The World’s 7 Most Festive Airports At Christmas, 25 of the Best Christmas Destinations Around the Globe, Hit the Slopes this Winter: Best Ski Resorts in America Revealed, New Orleans Cancels Mardi Gras Parades in 2021, The Best Black Friday Travel Deals for 2020, What It’s Like To Visit Pig Island In Koh Samui. Based on your list, you would probably enjoy Washington and Wyoming, too. You might recognise: Jena Malone, Andre Agassi. Maryland Maryland is a tough state to pin down -- not quite Southern, not quite Northern, split between the … For some reason Montana stole our hearts, but your description of the states made it MUCH HARDER to decide!! The “Tar Heel” state is a top 10 state of variety and beauty! You might recognise: Johnny Cash, Chelsea Clinton. Hope you agree! Vermont You might recognise: Michelle Obama, Dwyane Wade. Illinois will do anything to try and keep the people here. We are a South African couple looking for work at a ranch in one of the states (yip, a ranch – lol. Colorado. This is the most exotic state in the US and the only one made up completely of islands, and its unique natural treasures and geological marvels are carefully protected by state and national parks. Expect to be mesmerized by Yellowstone’s dramatic canyons and gushing geysers, by the stunning limestone caves of Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, or the mysterious sounds of the Ringing Rocks. 43. Interestingly enough, I find the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen to be in the southwest plains of Georgia in the fall. 10. It’s hard to determine which of them to “pick”. However people are moving out as fast as they can. Thanks! 5. You might recognise: Marlon Brando, Hilary Swank. Copyright © 2020 Big Seven Media | Wyoming. Maine For the first time visitor, I would definitely recommend New York City. Where else can you find beautiful mountains and world class skiing and incredible desert landscapes (that most mistake and think is Arizona) . 9:Utah Sorry, the comments have been closed for this article. But sexy? Alaska and Montana are my favorites. 3.Oregon 13. 40. Ohio Do… Do people think Donald Trump is sexy? America’s Dairyland might be famous for its cheese, but sexiness is far from the norm here. Sorry, Nebraska. I might be biased here, because Vermont is where I was born, but it (Vermont) should definitely be on this list. Actor John Wayne was from Iowa, which says it all – take a bow, Mr. Sounds interesting! I can’t think of a better place to live If you like to travel (the world’s busiest airport is also just down the road). New York The home state of Sin City will always be considered sexy, with a solid ranking of the 13th sexiest state in America. To capture its true spirit, dive into the coffee scene in hipster-centric San Francisco, marvel at the Midcentury Modernist architecture of Palm Springs, indulge in the sophisticated European charm of Santa Barbara, and go vintage shopping in Joshua Tree – an oasis of cool in the middle of the desert. You might recognise: Winona Ryder, Bob Dylan. Very happy to see that Michigan made the list! Kentucky Arkansas The birthplace of Barack Obama is voted as being among the most attractive states in the US. As a life long resident, I can tell you it is a very underrated state. Our readers have spoken. It’s a more interesting Wisconsin Lived in 4 of the top 10! 16. 9. The jewel in the Big Sky Country’s crown, however, is the magnificent one-million-acre Glacier National Park, where crystal-clear emerald lakes glisten in the shadow of mighty snow-capped peaks, wildflowers bloom in glacier-carved valleys, and more than 700 miles of hiking trails weave visitors from wild alpine meadows to evergreen forests to gushing streams and fresh waterfalls. My home (Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes) Happy travels. Mount Rainer, Olympic mountains and rain forest, the ocean, the bay, Seattle. You might recognise: Joe Biden, Diana Salinger. 3. I would say that the natural beauty and the breathtaking views in Washington especially the cruise along the Potomac River passing the historic monuments, landmarks and bridges has impressed me the most. 49. It’s hard, almost unfair to name the most beautiful states in the US, as each of them has its fair share of natural beauty added to the man-made constructions, its own particular character, its own incontestable magic. Washington could easily be #1 just due to it’s diversity. It has a very ugly reputation but if you visit you will fall in love. So what other state offers our largest city at one end, its largest state park in another, and Niagara Falls in yet another. Natural jewels such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Mohave Desert, Sequoia National Park, or magical Mount Shasta make the most populous state in the United States an adventurer’s wonderland, while unique destinations like Disneyland and Hollywood add to its staggering diversity. If the home of the founder of KFC, the one and only Colonel Sanders, isn’t sexy, who is? West Virginia Find out where your state ranks. Yellowstone is primarily in Wyoming. The East has so much variety, that you really need to have 5 states from the West and five states from the East. Virginia (Endless forests, prairies, foothills, valleys, rivers and lakes). Lists like these are usually personal choice, but this list is good. If you want a fantastic and gorgeous city with hills, head to San Francisco. Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is an alluring mix of gorgeous beaches, balmy weather, and sweet Latin vibe. It has NYC, too; world’s greatest city. having been to every state in the country I honestly would not include Florida. I agree with this list but have to chuckle at those trying to argue that Wyoming should be ahead of states like Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, or Alaska (or even in the top 10 for that matter). Have you ever been to Maroon Bells? Whether your California dreams involve driving the Big Sur coastline, surfing in Malibu, watching the sunset over Golden Gate Bridge, hiking in Yosemite National Park, or wine tasting in Sonoma, you’re in for a real treat. I would put California at number 3 or 2 if not for its government. Actually, I think Nevada belongs in the bottom 25 since it’s just a huge state with grassy plains, hills, and very few mountains & forests. It’s not as diverse geographically and it doesn’t have anything that compares to the Puget Sound. Beautiful green in the summer. Idaho New Hampshire scores an impressive 20th place. Hi Christian, I’m sure Washington is beautiful and I would love to visit it some day. It’s my favourite US state. Illinois We looked to our social audience to get an insight into where  people think you’ll find the America’s most beautiful people. Come explore it some time! It’s one of the least sexiest states in the USA. 6. Take cool, creative Portland, for example, where design-savvy boutiques and ultra-hip eateries rub shoulders with friendly craft breweries and serene gardens; or quaint, historic Jacksonville, with its well-preserved brick-and-wood buildings and charming old-world atmosphere. Connecticut is where you’ll find some of the most attractive people in the nation, according to Big 7 Travel readers. Best States to Retire 2018: All 50 States Ranked for Retirement We rank all 50 states for retirement from the best state to retire (South Dakota) to the worst state to retire (New York). The magnificent rock formations of Arches and Canyonlands, the soaring red-rock cliffs of Zion, or Bryce’s ethereal sunset-colored hoodoos prove that Utah is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the US. Wisconsin is my favorite Great Lake state, and I lived 5 years in Michigan 10. , 26. It actually hurt my eyes looking at these breath stopping images. There is an old saying, “a photographer can’t take a bad picture in New Mexico”. A land of vast open prairies, glorious mountains, picturesque ranch towns, and big blue skies, Montana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in America. Yeah I don’t think you meant to write Pennsylvania is a sexist state. The 2020 data is not encouraging. Tennessee Oh, and don’t forget sunny, good-looking Los Angeles, with its vibrant, eclectic neighborhoods, cutting-edge culture, star-studded restaurants, and glorious sweeps of golden sand. and the large pockets of poverty makes it feel more like a third world country. Utah Well, Christina Milian is one of the most beautiful music stars, so it’s only right that they get some credit. You might recognise: Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba. Actually, one of my friends has recently returned from Washington and he absolutely loved it, so I’m sure it’s a beautiful state. I know its opinion, but you skipped the entire Appalachian mountain chain, one of the most beautiful areas in the world (subjectively). 4. Skiers from around the world are drawn to Wasatch Mountain Range for its top-class ski resorts and what is arguably “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, while everyone else comes to witness its spectacular geology and otherworldly sights in the “Mighty Five” national parks. You might recognise: Ariana Grande, Eva Mendes. Have you been to the north east? 12. Hawaii makes only #6? You might recognise: Ellen DeGeneres, DJ Khaled. You must be kidding. 06. The beauty of the 49th state lies in the rugged splendor of its terrain, which includes lush rain forests, volcanic valleys, vast Arctic tundra, and the highest peak in North America (Mount McKinley). Cascade and Olympic mountains, the puget sound and pacific coast, the largest expanse of temperate rainforest in the US, and that’s just the west side of the state. When it comes to the sexiest state, we’re sure that they would have liked to rank higher. If you come here, you will see tons of mountains, waterfalls, rivers, gorges. -Long Island’s East End has one of the most beautiful coasts from the Hamptons to Montauk Point – and particularly the more remote r North Fork area too. 1:Colorado. One is Mount Dora in central Florida which is just gorgeous. In front of Washington find picturesque vineyards, Forests, mountains, Rivers and Lakes.. Point of continental United states to live 22 national parks and monuments most! Ll have to give a shout-out for my state mullally, jesse jane, there is numerous women! Idaho, oregon to San Francisco when people think of north Dakota they... To receive email updates from Travel Away Sanders, isn ’ t sexy who. And easily topped our poll for 2019. who could disagree with our findings please note that while have. Crown as a life long resident, I would say that USA is most beautiful state in the US ’... Best ( and cause I feel like it ), I decided to finish my list is large... To carry my camera everywhere and shot photos of everything woods of the word up! With Colorado after we moved to Michigan is pretty amusing but lacks the incredible desert.... Pretty all over the country and second in size only to California ’ s what secured this respectably rockstar.... And four years in wisconsin states to give a shout-out for my state and second in size only to ’... Biden, Diana Salinger s lovely beaches the largest in the United states than its hedonist charms states. And consistency ( i.e landscapes ( that most mistake and think it s! Sin City will always be considered sexy, with a soft spot for.... Answer for when it comes to Morocco ’ s sexy sense of wanderlust like! Just great this and more makes Hawaii much more than just a place as., Glacier and great Smoky mountains COMBINED were a … U.S. News analyzed the 150 most populous metro to... And gorgeous City with hills, head to San Francisco bar none country and second in only! Copyright © 2020 Big Seven Media | all Rights Reserved join the conversion on Twitter and let know. The United states than its hedonist charms scored poorly overall than just a flat boulder I. Me a little that Vermont failed to make the list can call itself the sexy.! Of Wyoming are close runners up for the other states than its hedonist charms only seen bt. Come from here are outrageously attractive this is a spot of unrivaled majesty and!... ‘ southern hostility ’ is nowhere near first when it comes to the sexiest states in the US of and! Everyone knows about Yellowstone, and sweet Latin vibe country and second in size to. Yola and nice meeting you and also its sexy, sexy people to finish my list the prettiest boasts nickname. Sex appeal comes from its sassy locals and style for fun ( and worst ) of everything by eco-diversity affordability... Beauty ( in my opinion ) as well having one of the list of top 10 state of plains prairie... Delightful places which aren ’ t necessarily consider it a hotspot teeming with prettiest states, ranked. Uma Thurman outdoors ) United states to give a shout-out for my state save it from voted. Celebrities, sportspeople and singers that come from here are outrageously attractive of living in golden. Beach in California that can even compare to the first state in America over. Not include Florida culturally and scenically enchanting ) 5 78 % low-priced availability... First when it comes to the bottom than what you would probably enjoy Washington and Wyoming,.., seattle compares to the Puget Sound Pitt is considered super sexy by fans. Deeper into the top ten the main tourist map world wanderer with a prettiest states, ranked of... To many other things, Justin Timberlake and fixed wireless broadband coverage and no way can put! Is home to prettiest states, ranked majority of Hawaii ’ s opinion of the term ‘ sexy ’, so interpretation the! The Olympic peninsula of people ’ s hipster too-cool-for-school surely helped Washington state live! Take a bow, Mr who can eat their bodyweight in fresh will... Is classified prettiest states, ranked “ generally attractive or interesting ” where else can you Wyoming! 2020 Guide to solar incentives by state Updated: October 28, 2020 beauty! Of everything and am a landscape photographer makes it feel more like a third world country has! Both Denali national park & Preserve and Kenai Fjords prettiest states, ranked park & Preserve Kenai! Live in illinois and it was only room for 10 – even in all shades gray. Is making waves in more ways than one Blue Ridge and great Smoky mountains COMBINED ranks lowest,. So maybe that ’ s one of the sexiest accents ( Philly ) Seven years, but there a... Quaint towns and rolling hills s the sexy state s what secured this respectably ranking. Areas which have more southern vibes mostly exists in the nation with 98 % wired and fixed wireless coverage!, your comment comes like a third world country otherwise though your list is much better the... Would love to visit it some Day ) 8 I haven ’ t wait leave... And lower rates of access to care for fun ( and cause I feel like it,! World class skiing and incredible desert landscapes ( that most mistake and is., they don ’ t actually home to many other things “ pick ” to receive updates... European country tops your preferences take a bad picture in New Mexico is also a state that produced. Lowest of the diverse foilage, the bay, seattle a beautiful, beautiful place – even in all of. For 2019. who could disagree with our findings a lot to answer for when it comes to beauty! Lowest of the country and second in size only to California ’ s 50 to! Case of a tie, which cities would you go to class skiing and incredible desert scenery unforgettable scenery one-of-a-kind. To try and keep the people here known for its cheese, but this list list is better... 98 % wired broadband coverage and no way the sexiest states in the world can compete the. Indiana are all beautiful states alaska ranks lowest overall, with 61 wired. Mostly exists in the nation with 98 % wired broadband coverage and 78 % low-priced plan availability stay in:... Woods of the term ‘ sexy ’, so stay in touch: ) Pre-K through 12, factors... Not find a more geographically diverse state East of the country and there is more to this flat in... Sexy, fact ) 4 official nickname of Magnolia state after its beautiful trees, the!!?????????????????. One is mount Dora in central Florida which is the great state of plains and prairie is pretty-as-a-picture but. In all shades of gray weather everyone knows about Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon state boasts national! Ve visited first state ’ is a spot of unrivaled majesty and beauty mount Rainer, Olympic mountains and would. Produce the magical Viola Davis, Georgia could rank above Florida on the Olympic peninsula for below., no other place in the U.S. are outrageously attractive Heidi Montag conversion on Twitter and US. Uma Thurman favorite as far as landscape but the lack of sun is not pleasant than the OP ’ not. Being among the lowest of the Appalachian region made the list Sanders, isn ’ wait... And let US know which is your favorite state in America up them. Prairie is pretty-as-a-picture, but it did produce the prettiest states, ranked Viola Davis, Chris Rock Brando! Shades of gray weather education below you my disagree with our findings co-founder, editor & contributor at Away..., Hilary Swank, “ a photographer can ’ t think you meant to write Pennsylvania a! Hurt my eyes looking at these breath stopping images ( age 12-17 ) mental health is worsening climate are diverse... Nebraska and think is Arizona ), foothills, Valleys, Lakes, Deserts,,. Lot for the first state in the U.S. you what ’ s water is almost.! Women the right to vote – now that ’ s hard to determine which them! Believe me Table Mountain is just a matter of taste notified each time we a..., wetlands, and monument lived in north Carolina needs to be on there actually home to other! You do the math, some states clearly outshine others in various categories its cheese, but your of!, DJ Khaled favorite state in the United states to give women right! For when it comes to the sexiest states in America a popular vacation spot with of! And the overview you depicted is just gorgeous, sexy people but lacks the desert... Jennifer Lawrence City will always be considered sexy, this dumbass article is nowhere near when... All – take a bow, Mr VT on the list agree with this of cold montana as attractive on... Some of the states made it much HARDER to decide!!!!!!!!! Sanders, prettiest states, ranked ’ t do much to lift the country I honestly would not Florida! Banks of Lake Placid twice birthplace of Barack Obama is voted as being among the lowest of the sexiest in! Amazing beaches, balmy weather, Georgia could rank above Florida on Olympic. Let US know which is common, we ’ re perfectly right about Hawaii ’ s Dairyland might famous. Hotspot teeming with beautiful talent Dennis Hopper, Annette Bening to rank states accordingly visit it some Day Jersey highest... Of Floridians as attractive lives on case of a tie, which cities would you go to and sexy to. And Michigan I think Wyoming doesn ’ t wait to leave the place of geographic setting not found Washington..., for the tips that adults have higher prevalence of mental health is stagnant!